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REV AZ:Manufacturing a Revolution

Introducing REV AZ

Arizona Commerce Authority's newest program, RevAZ was created specifically to provide technical assistance to Arizona’s small to medium sized manufacturers. RevAZ partners with Arizona manufacturers to enable and encourage growth and transformation. Through a hybrid of complimentary and fee based services, customized solutions are developed and delivered through the collaboration and combination of RevAZ experts, ACA programs, statewide resource partners and vetted qualified subject matter experts. find out more

How we do it:

  • Provide strategies to help businesses transition out of commodity markets and enter into global high value add manufacturing markets by developing products, processes, and business models to create a competitive edge.
  • Assist visionary SME executives in creating a culture of innovation within their manufacturing enterprises that will allow them to move up the global value chain and be an integral part of the global innovation ecosystem.
  • Teach companies how to be agile and adapt to changing global market conditions and customer needs by identifying and infusing new technologies and practices into their businesses for global growth and market penetration.
  • Change the perception of manufacturing by helping SMEs infuse advanced digital and model based enterprise technologies into their businesses.
  • Develop regional partnerships to leverage unique capabilities in the Southwest to serve as a catalyst for change and collaboration across state borders to accelerate the transformation of manufacturing in the US.

Focus Areas and Service Offerings:

  • Business Operations and Strategic Growth Assistance
  • Engineering Solutions for Product and Process Innovation
  • Manufacturing Operations and Continuous Improvement Workforce, Leadership, and Organizational Development
  • Sustainability and Energy Efficiency Improvements

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